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Title: Freak
Fandom: Bleach
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Kubo-sensei. I write this purely for entertainment purposes.
Rating: Youth
Summary: Need a sitter? Urahara Shop at your service!
Word Count: 210


“Ya sure you’ll be fine with her?”

“Of course, of course!” the man waved his fan flamboyantly. “Vice Captain Yachiru will have lots of fun at my shop, and better yet with my two charges! No worries!” He hid a smirk behind the folds of his fan, receiving a look from the larger man before him.

“Alright,” his guest responded gruffly. “The Fruit will bring her by in the morning. Any damage that’s done, I ain’t paying for.” Zaraki began to walk away, but turned once more. “I’ve heard from lots of folks that even though ya look and act like a goddamn freak, ya strong as hell. I mean, ya trained Ichigo, right?” Urahara simply gazed over the edge of his fan, his eyes shaded ever so cleverly by his hat. “When I get back from this damn vacation this she-demon’s forcing me on, be ready for a fight.”

Urahara’s eyes widened, considering the possibility of someone picking Yachiru up earlier than intended and going on a vacation himself so as not to fight that beast of a man. Not that he believed he couldn’t win—he may have been a lowly, perverted shopkeeper, but he had many tricks up his sleeves. He just didn’t want to kill him.
Tags: character: kenpachi zaraki, character: urahara kisuke, fandom: bleach
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