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Title: Judgment
Fandom: Bleach
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Kubo-sensei. I write this purely for entertainment purposes.
Rating: Youth
Summary: Pre-Bleach. Yoruichi tells Urahara about a certain invention's name change.
Word Count: 310


The former captain merely blinked. “Soul Candy?” She watched him splutter, “Gikongan are not candy. Candy implies that it’s enticing, pleasant, and to be enjoyed. Sweet even. Yes, they were at first a bit chalky in taste, much like downing an antacid, and I can understand that with the flavor modifications and outward change in appearance they appear like can—”

She needed to put a stop to his babbling before he really got on a roll. “The Women’s Shinigami Association requested a name change because Gikongan was not cute.”

“As in the name? Is this all that Women’s Lib in Soul Society’s got to worry about nowadays? Because I remember the days when you were fighting against clan heads because they protested your appointment as heir.”

“Believe me, I remember. I’m sure I’d receive absolute hell from the clan elders now, with them gloating about ‘being right.’” She uncaringly waved her hand around. “Though, truth be told, the Women’s Shinigami Association did not exist when we were captains, and the only reason it exists now is for a little girl to get her sweets every week. I’m sure the older members do discuss actual issues every now and then.”

Urahara huffed. “Gikongan is not meant to be cute.”

“You’re reminding me of a certain despicable scientific sadist you took out of the Maggot’s Nest without my knowledge...”

“Your men came to you about looking into it,” he defended.

She stood straighter, crossing her arms beneath her bosom. “Excuse me? I didn’t exactly expect you to ask him to join your squad and release him. I had thought you were smarter than that, but I suppose even geniuses can have lapses in judgment.”

“I suppose my not naming Gikongan ‘Soul Candy’ is also a lapse in judgment?”

Yoruichi took the hat from his head and whacked him with it.
Tags: character: shihouin yoruichi, character: urahara kisuke, fandom: bleach
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