America's Next Top Hermit (profoundly_grey) wrote in her_affectation,
America's Next Top Hermit


Title: Colorless
Fandom: Bleach
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Kubo-sensei. I write this purely for entertainment purposes.
Rating: Youth
Spoilers: Manga 390 onward.
Summary: He watches and understands.
Word Count: 156


Atop the building he watched. Sly and fox-like, a feral bemusement on his face as the battle waged below. Either no one dared to fight him or, plainly, they considered their main and only target the man with the slicked back hair. He was just a colorless figure blending into the background. He honestly wondered how no one could see through the veneer of power that Aizen currently encapsulated them. The outcome did not matter in the end, though, whether the Shinigami realized their fatal mistake or if they, laughably, actual succeeded. Death was the only outcome. He knew very well that should he fail to deliver Aizen would have his pretty little head on a pretty little platter or the Gotei 13 would execute him for high treason. He wished to avoid either situation, and he sometimes dabbled with the idea of a neutral ground in there somewhere, but where was the fun in that?
Tags: character: ichimaru gin, fandom: bleach
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