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America's Next Top Hermit


Title: Perfection
Fandom: Bleach
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Kubo-sensei. I write this purely for entertainment purposes.
Rating: Youth
Summary: Grooming and perfection.
Word Count: 165


In spite of her forthcoming personality and shirking what many would consider lady-like behavior, Yoruichi had one of the most intense grooming rituals of a woman he’d ever known. Though she wore her hair in a fashionably messy pony tail, her deep violet tresses were brushed at least twice a day and smelt distinctly of yucca and lavender. He also knew well that she clipped, filed, buffered, and too painted her sharp talons in dark pearly shades that sent him into sensory overdrive when she’d rake them down his back and shoulders. When showering, she always used an exfoliator, soap, and a moisturizer; leaving her skin so soft to the touch that it left him conflicted with his want to touch every part of such sensuous skin and not wishing to mar her with his calloused, unworthy hands. And while he firmly—staunchly—believed that perfection did not exist, describing Yoruichi left him speechless because it was always the first word that came to mind.
Tags: character: urahara kisuke, fandom: bleach, ship: urahara/yoruichi
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